Graduate education is a catalyst, sparking change in individuals, industries and institutions.

Our University is uniquely poised to make even greater strides in shaping and influencing graduate education, which can help decide people’s career paths, drive research, create new modes of thinking and elevate the University of Delaware to greater prominence.

Over the next ten years, UD will need to transform its graduate and professional education by: 

  • Expanding our faculty with an emphasis on research-related innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Increasing graduate enrollment overall to 7,000, including 1,000 additional doctoral students
  • Offering diverse education opportunities and career pathways preparation for doctoral students

As part of Delaware First: The Campaign for the University of Delaware, we encourage you to join other supporters to help enhance graduate education with the goal of advancing our new Graduate College at UD that will serve as a magnet for talented students and faculty while helping to pioneer discovery, creativity and scholarly achievement across disciplines. Watch this video to learn more.

In order to transform graduate education, we look to our dedicated alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff for $25 million in philanthropic support to ensure this exciting endeavor becomes a reality.


By virtue of their preparation and motivation, graduate students seek innovation, question intellectual boundaries and work beyond disciplinary borders. Graduate education thrives when there is emphasis on student success and the essential role of mentoring and inclusion. The establishment of a Graduate College at UD is key to cultivating the dynamic spirit and approaches of graduate students and advancing UD’s contributions to research, scholarship, innovation and discovery while ensuring students are the central focus.

With investments in advancing graduate education, we will move towards establishing a graduate college that will work closely with other University-level units to coordinate four critical functions:

  • Enhancing the academic excellence of all graduate-level programming, and of graduate students’ contributions to undergraduate education at UD
  • Supporting graduate students’ professionalization and preparation for a wide range of careers
  • Supporting the achievement of 21st century best practices in diversity recruitment, retention, mentoring, timely graduation and student success
  • Facilitating the development of contemporary and high-value interdisciplinary programs that educate professionals:
    • with deep competencies in a single discipline
    • who are also able to conceptualize and facilitate collaborative research that transcends disciplinary boundaries
    • who, additionally, have “boundary-crossing” competencies in oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, global understanding and project management


The margin of excellence UD seeks to achieve in doctoral education in particular will require substantial investments.

To recruit and retain exceptionally talented doctoral students, UD needs to be able to offer its top doctoral applicants:

  • Competitive five-year, 12-month funding packages
  • Professional development funding for:
    • research
    • conference travel (globally as well as nationally)
    • off-campus training opportunities
    • career exploration internships

We hope you will help us create unparalleled opportunities for graduate students at the University of Delaware.

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