Students and faculty are the heart and soul of the University. Their relentless spirit, driving passion, creative problem-solving and insatiable quest for knowledge pulse through our buildings and across campus every day, creating leaders and advancing solutions to the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.



Encouraging bright, talented students to attend UD is not just a priority. It’s a necessity.

We flourish only when students can discover the true potential of their creativity, curiosity and capability, regardless of economic situation, financial need or the uncertainties life may bring.

Scholarships: Philanthropic support through Delaware First will create scholarships that ensure students can experience a UD education. Establishing a new endowed scholarship or supporting an existing one will contribute a sustainable source of funding which helps UD fulfill its mission of providing a world-class education for its students, investing in their talent, goals and ambitions.

Experiential Learning: The generosity of donors will also help us further enhance students’ academic experience with experiential opportunities that empower them to develop skills that on-campus classroom settings cannot provide. This will help  prepare them to succeed in our interconnected world. Internships, study abroad programs, hands-on research and more encourage students to develop professionalism, habits of reflection, critical analysis, decision-making skills and accountability. As we continue to cultivate global citizens with expertise and practical skills, experiential learning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The world needs highly skilled, well-rounded students who are prepared to take on the complex challenges our world will face in the 21st century.


At UD, across departments, colleges and programs, our faculty are more than instructors. They’re problem-solvers, innovators and leaders.

They’re engaging students both inside and outside the classroom, in labs and residence halls, on land and at sea, on campus and far beyond, helping them dream big while providing strong academic grounding. Their research creates innovative solutions, treatments and approaches to issues that impact most of us every day.

Professorships: Endowed professorships and other faculty support, including professional development opportunities and research funding, created through Delaware First are powerful recruitment and retention tools for attracting established thought leaders and rising talent who will propel our institution forward.

Retaining our established faculty is essential to continue a legacy of education, research and spirited debate. Recruiting new faculty will bring fresh ideas and perspectives that will dramatically advance our mission as UD creates an extraordinary student experience.

Join us in the Delaware First campaign to support our committed faculty as they cultivate our students, our research and our solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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