Executive Committee

Donna M. Fontana ’85

The power of education to improve literacy and healthy living is a core driver for Donna Fontana. In 2011, Donna created the Fontana Family Education Scholarship to support students majoring in elementary education, followed by the Fontana Graduate Tuition Scholarship in Education in 2013 to support graduate students. In 2017, she also established the Fontana Financial Literacy Fund to support the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship’s initiative to assist in the development and implementation of the new Delaware Financial Literacy Standards.

With her UD degree in business administration and an EMBA from Columbia University, Donna rose to her current role as senior vice president of sales at Fidelity Investments. She is an active volunteer on UD’s Board of Trustees and at Citizens Schools, a national nonprofit serving low-income communities. Also, she has taught classes in financial literacy, healthy eating and getting to know East Harlem in her New York City community. Donna has been a member of the Lerner NYC Dean’s Council since 2014.

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